February 6th, 2012

Severian has the most creative spell names.

Vote for process work for this page! As well as some of the silliness that tends to happen while working on comic pages.

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Comment by Glew

Just to make this clear: Runes are used up/exhausted when used? Also it would be interesting to see his other spells. "That stuff that does the thing" and "That other spell" and probably "Oh crap not this again"


posted at 8:06am on February 7th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

"Oh crap not this again" is a great name for a runewriter spell. xD

And yes! So far we've seen that runes get used up after they're cast. :3


posted at 9:16pm on February 7th, 2012

Reply by Glew

Ah, memory, it's over-rated ^^"


posted at 5:04am on February 8th, 2012

Comment by Rani

I don't usually comment on things.
But Severian's spell names actually made me laugh and I am still smiling. Severian is the best at naming spells.
Thank you for this.


posted at 12:13pm on February 7th, 2012

Comment by Glew

Oooh, you slipped a teeny bit of TNH into the incentive. Thumbs up C:


posted at 9:03am on February 9th, 2012

Comment by Kwaj

Great consistency in the first row: Tari can't tell what Sev is saying til he turns his face toward her more!


posted at 11:04pm on February 14th, 2012

Comment by Wabbajack

The "fish-head" picture... Ehhhhh WTF...


posted at 11:14am on August 17th, 2013

Comment by Somebody

...Wait a second... Runes have to be written on something magical... Are those... dragons scales? Did he pull dragons scales from himself in dragon form to use as runewriting material?


posted at 8:09pm on July 22nd, 2015

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