October 31st, 2012

(<< In case you missed it, there was also a normal update this week!)

I thought themes would be fun, so this Halloween the costume theme is Webcomics!

Severian: Acacitli from Final Arcanum
I'm pretty sure Acacitli and Severian are actually the same person.

Tareth: Meulin Leijon from Homestuck
UM Homestuck has a super-adorable deaf girl as well, I'm not sure how I could resist this.

Jonan: Dante Shepherd from Surviving the World
I am going to admit that I first started reading StW because I was way too amused that Dante kind of looked like a much younger/less-haggard version of Jonan. But then it was entertaining, so I kept reading.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE enjoy the little holiday bonus! c:

(Incentive is still the same, in case anyone hadn't seen it from the normal update yet)