September 20th, 2011

Two days late? GOOD GRIEF you guys let's NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

I don't have a vote incentive for you either, how lame! I'll try to fix that before this weekend, but I am sort of a busy bee until then, so we shall see! Priority is getting the page back on a decent schedule. EDIT: Vote incentive is up! Vote to see progress stuff, as always! :3

Also, this is unrelated to the above, but possibly to the comic! I posted a journal on DeviantArt about why I sometimes don't answer the questions people ask in the comments, and you can read it here! I love any kind of feedback, though, so by all means don't feel discouraged from posting -- you just might get some unhelpful answer like "you'll see." 9u9

Vote Incentive for This Comic.