June 23rd, 2017

AND THAT'S THE END OF CHAPTER FOUR!!! I hope everyone has enjoyed this WILD RIDE as much as I did. :D

and if you vote, there's a small extra doodle about that last bit.

I'm going to take a few months' break to get chapter 5 in order before we dive in! I've been looking at it, and I think 3 months makes the most sense -- meaning, Lord willing,updates are planned to resume on September 26th. That'd give me roughly a month to work on the chapter 4 book, a month to script, and a month to thumbnail. And if it doesn't take me a full month to do those things, I might be able to get a buffer of finished pages before updates begin again!
If by some chance we're not ready when Sept 26th rolls around, I'll update you guys then with a more precise return date, but, to be honest, I'm EXTREMELY excited about Chapter 5 and I hope to start it right on time if at all possible!!

In the meantime, if you're on tumblr, you might wanna follow the runewriters tumblr!! I'm thinking I'll run Chapter 4 pages there over the break, if you want to experience it all again at a faster reading pace, and I've been thinking of maybe posting a few small extras over the break to hold you guys over! :> We'll see how it all goes!

As always, thank you so so much for all your patience and support, you guys are honestly the best readers and I'm so grateful for all of you!! Enjoy summer break, RUNEWRITING WILL BE BACK IN SESSION THIS FALL :D

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