July 4th, 2016

gosh yeah tareth come on keep up!!

And by popular demand, the extra doodle you get for voting is part two of my silly pokemon headcanons. (Someone called one of these really accurately and I'm very impressed! xD )

ALSO!!! Remember back when I didn't have this absurd buffer and I was able to livestream pages??? WELL a while back I kinda missed it and decided to skip a page so I could colour it later -- and now that time has come! SO! Lord willing, I'm planning to stream said colouring this Thursday evening :D I'm gonna plan to start streaming on my Picarto sometime between 7-8pm EST, and if you keep an eye on my twitter or tumblr I'll update when I go live!

OH!! ALSO AGAIN!! WE JUST HIT OUR FIRST GOAL ON PATREON! :D If you're a patron you need to get over there and tell me your thoughts on what kind of wallpaper I oughta draw for everyone!

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