January 18th, 2016

And that's why you shouldn't be casting.

HEY!! Check out the cool social media links my bro Flak helped me get set up at the top there!! In order, that's RW on Tapastic, Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart, Comic Rocket, and TV Tropes.
Tapastic, Comic Rocket, and TV Tropes are pretty new links -- Tapastic is a publishing platform and community for webcomics that I definitely recommend checking out if you read a lot of comics (or publish your own!) and you can subscribe to read RW there if you like it! Comic Rocket basically lets you bookmark your place on this website and subscribe for updates. And the TV Tropes page for RW is kind of a fun one because it's entirely reader-created, and anyone can add to it -- just finding all the tropes and character archetypes (and occasionally reader theories) that crop up in RW! I get a huge kick out of the tropes you guys find, so I wanted to link it, too. :D

OH ALSO: Kiriska pointed out to me last week that I FORGOT TO MENTION THE VOTE INCENTIVE SO: click the blue box to vote, and get an extra silly doodle about Sev's dragon form!

Vote Incentive for This Comic.