January 1st, 2015


So I figured you guys have been so cool and supportive during this hiatus, I should show you a tiny piece of what I've been doing in the background! *u* Most of those things are SPOILERS but this one is a character you've teeeechnically already seen. c:

If you go back through the archive, you'll notice I actually went back and changed some pages very slightly -- the kid in the box got a redesign! I was debating before the hiatus if I wanted to make a big change to the character (like, for example, CHANGING HIS GENDER), and with the hiatus came the chance to do actually do exactly that. Then I found out what frohawks were and THIS WAS THE RESULT.

I'm really feeling the direction she's ended up going! :D I'm super excited for when the comic starts up again and you all get to meet her for real.

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