June 10th, 2013

Talking to strangers is hard for Tareth but sitting still is just as hard for Severian.

YOU GUYS LAST PAGE there were over 60 comments. AHHH! I don't know how that happened but I do know that you guys are beyond awesome! Even if every other page only gets two comments from now on THAT'S FINE because knowing you are all enjoying this so much to talk about it so much just gave me warm fuzzies all week and I wanted to thank all of you. ;u; Also thank you to everyone who is reading and enjoying but has never commented ever! You're also really cool for taking the time to read about my silly magic people and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. BASICALLY THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS COMIC you all make my day every day! :"D <3

Vote for Runewriters and get an extra doodle! :"D This one illustrates some, uh, reader theories from last page.

Oh! And unrelated, if you're on DeviantArt but you don't follow Runewriters there, I wanted to let you know there's a "favourite character" poll over there because I have no patience and got curious! C: (And if you're not on DeviantArt you can just go creep on other people's answers c:).

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