October 8th, 2012

In which Jonan is ironically the wordiest character in the entire comic.

You can vote for Runewriters to see a couple more semi-relevant silly doodles.

ALSO! If you're going to be at New York Comic Con this coming weekend, keep an eye out for me in the Artist Alley! I'll be there with Zimmay and apparently at table T15, WHATEVER THAT MEANS. It should be super fun! And no worries, the update next week should go up like normal in my absence. *u*

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Comment by Commander Fabulous

Being at table T-15 means that is going to be made out of one or more of the things on this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T15
Also, I really like the speech bubble for Jonan's writing. Is the letter at the start of the word "And" supposed to be an AE from Old English? 'Cause that's pretty cool, even if pronunciation would make it sound a bit silly :P (Sorry, English student, I know these things)


posted at 2:26am on October 8th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

Aww, thanks! :")
But no, the ash isn't solely from Old English -- a bunch of different languages use it! (and it's pronounced differently in almost every one haha). In Varænske, as mentioned in the FAQ, it's pronounced about how you'd expect it to be from reading Jonan's writing here. c:

(Though I am curious how it's pronounced in Old English!)


posted at 3:24am on October 8th, 2012

Reply by Commander Fabulous

Man, it's actually hard to try and communicate what it sounds like without saying it... still, let's try!
A bit like a dodgy Russian accent when coupled with modern English sounds. If it was in an old English context, it makes a sound a lot like just mashing a and e together. Or just an 'ee' sound in some regional accents. But those accents were basically ancient day Welsh, so we ignore them.
EXAMPLE TIME: "Hwaet, ic swefna rihtwrítereas edníwe tramet"
(That says "Behold, I see [a] new [Rune]writers page" roughly.)
Anything in square brackets is something I had to add. They weren't big on the word "a". Or ever really said "Runewriters." Rihtwrítereas actually means "truth writer" in literal translation.
Anyway, "hwaet", the important word there, has a soft 'hw' sound which flows into the 'ae' combo sound, before ending in a hard 't'.
...That was an awful explanation. But yeah. IT SOUNDS LIKE A NOISE MADE IN A DEAD LANGUAGE. Also, Old English is a hell of a lot prettier as a language than current English. It just takes a good 3 weeks to learn the basics :/


posted at 5:03am on October 8th, 2012

Reply by Glew

wow, and here I was thinking "Man, is poor Jonan so angry, that he misspelled "and" to "end"?"

Also, do you somehow save these fonts in some font format or do you always have to hand-draw all the dialogue?


posted at 8:46am on October 8th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

Nope, I don't use any fonts! It's all digitally-by-hand. c:


posted at 11:48am on October 8th, 2012

Reply by Glew

Your wrists have my sympathy - and my admiration.


posted at 5:09pm on October 12th, 2012

Comment by Le Question

Is Sev, like, an idiot or a genius? I mean, his bodyrunes sound like something he just came up with one day. Other people may have tried it in the past, but he seems to have come up with it independently.
So, either it's a brilliant and innovative way of runewriting... or it's a dangerous and needlessly reckless way of doing things. Umm... actually, considering what we've seen of Sev, I think I can work out the answer to this question.
Also, well done, your vote incentive has completely bamboozled me with regards to the magic system you're working with.


posted at 7:02am on October 8th, 2012

Comment by Riverfox237

Oh THAT'S why he looks so touchy! He doesn't want his staff knowing all his secrets! Lol, there Sev goes again, ruining all Jonan's carefully laid plans. Eh, it's good for a guy to be thrown off his guard every once in a while, keeps him up to snuff. =D

I love pretty much every facial expression Jonan makes on this page. The really hilarious 0.o looks are the best, of course, but I also like the ones like in panel 2 and 3 (okay, I realize I can't quite see his face per se in panel 2, but his head in general looks really good).

ANd the question of the week: which part of that random stream of consiousness does Sev suddenly care about Tareth knowing? HMmmmmm...

Have fun at the con! =D I have never been to one but they sound fun, esp. if you have a booth. I was in a veeeery small art walk/fair thing last weekend and enjoyed the compliments, so I figure it's something like that times a whole weekend and a lot more people.


posted at 1:41pm on October 8th, 2012

Comment by jcbq

Hmm... I've just reread the first couple of pages and read the incentive, I now have a as to what Sev is planning... ... His half baked and probably disastrous plan not one none the same.

So that's susposed to be an A...I thought it was just Jonan adding an annoyed scribble to his answer


posted at 4:30pm on October 8th, 2012

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