May 14th, 2012

In which Sev gets the cold shoulder.
And/or the undead shoulder, which is probably basically the same thing.

Whatever Jonan's zombified in panel 2 is going on my list of "things that have appeared in this comic that I would like to have as a pet."

Vote incentive is up! Which means voting for Runewriters will give you a peak at my process!

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Comment by Meggyc

Whatever that thing is in panel 2 just looks so playful and spry for being a zombie.

Undead guards too.... Jonan gets all the cool things.


posted at 7:12am on May 14th, 2012

Comment by Glew

Awww, what a let down :/


posted at 9:07am on May 14th, 2012

Comment by Artificer-Urza

Sev could always offer to pay him... except I'm sure he has no money. Hope he had a plan B.


posted at 9:33am on May 14th, 2012

Comment by Tama-chan

OUCH. Poor Sev. Couldn't Jonan at least fix his hands?

Sooo....I'm sorry. I won't be able to come to comic-con...because my dad left and took the bank account with him.


posted at 1:36pm on May 14th, 2012

Comment by Emma

So...that little bouncing animal in panel any chance was your cat/skunk/bobcat skull used as reference? ;)


posted at 6:19pm on May 15th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

Nope! Actually, used a weasel skull as reference for that one. Did you know weasels basically look like they have Alien skulls? I SURE DIDN'T UNTIL QUITE RECENTLY


posted at 8:22pm on May 15th, 2012

Comment by Glew

Now that I took a look at the progress page I realize you drew Jonan's face completely. Why cut out half of it? For dramatic purposes?


posted at 2:44am on May 21st, 2012

Comment by Cony

You know, I wasn't thinking about the nightmares that were the redead, but now that's all I can think about...thanks for that...


posted at 6:16am on May 26th, 2012

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