February 1st, 2019

February is here, so it's time for me to weigh in for reals now! But honestly, although it's a tough decision to announce, it isn't a hard decision to make -- it's really obvious to me that I gotta take a break from Runewriters for a bit and do some different art. I care so much about this story, but my heart just isn't in it right now, so I'm gonna give myself some time to step back.

The timing is trickier -- it's always tempting to want to be able to jump right back in and I have a habit of giving myself less time than I really.... should.... and it's hard to say how long a break should be when there's not something specific I'm trying to do over the break (aka, a break for doing work, aka, not actually a break). So let's check back in a year! I'll also check back in around August and let you guys know where things stand -- if I'm planning to Actually Start Updates in January or if anything has changed or what's goin' on there. So, in August I'll let y'all know if anything new is going on, but January of 2020 is when I'll do an official check-in/update on the comic's schedule.

If you just wanna see my art or hang out with me in the meantime, you can! I'm on tumblr as long as it sticks around, twitter, and now pillowfort, I'm around a bunch on the RW Discord, and my patreon now has two tiers -- first tier gets you Sketchbook updates where I just show off a bunch of sketches I've made that haven't been shared publicly anywhere, and the second tier gets you regular patron livestreams (we're currently doing about 3-4 short streams a month) where we vote on what I should draw and then I draw it. I'll still be around making art!! I just gotta step outside this story for a bit and stretch my brain before I can jump back in. :>

(Thank you all so much for all your kind messages and how incredibly supportive you've all been when it's hard to articulate why I need to stop for a bit. ;u; You guys really are the best, and a huge blessing always. Lord willing, hope to see you all again before too long! :D

!!!OH ALSO! I'm supposed to be at ECCC this year!! so if you're planning to go and you wanna pick up some books or say hi, I'll have some space at Kel McDonald's table??? I'LL HAVE MORE INFO VERY SOON twitter is probably the best place for updates!! Okay now I'm ending this post for reals)

Comment by The Quiet One

I won't say I'm not sorry that Runewriters is taking a break - I really enjoy this story and would love to see more! But I completely understand if you're just not feeling it and need a break.

I had bought a big cross stitch project when I first entered college, and figured I'd work on it over the years and finish it by the time I had graduated. Hahaha, no. I've worked at it in pieces over the years and am about 85% done, but recently decided to put it away for the time and start something new, even though I'm getting close to finishing, because trying to slog through and finish it feels like a chore at this point instead of something fun. So I understand a little bit how you are feeling!

Any chance chapter 4 is going to be available in your on-line store any time soon? If it's not ready and you don't even want to think about it, don't worry about it, but if that's something you'll be making available before next year, I'd be interested in knowing about it.

Keep yourself healthy and best wishes for a good year for you!


posted at 12:59pm on February 2nd, 2019

Reply by Shazzbaa

Thank you so much!! Re: Chapter four -- hopefully soon!! I had an exciting time with my previous batch of Ch 4 books ALL GETTING WATER DAMAGED when the hurricane came through, but I had a new batch ordered for ECCC -- so assuming those books come back okay I should have some to offer on my online store very soon!!


posted at 3:43pm on March 24th, 2019

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