August 6th, 2012

In which Shazz has a blast drawing the page! IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK, HAVE AN ABERRANT. :"D

As always, you can vote for Runewriters to get a peek at my process!

Totally unrelated to this particular page, but I wrote up a little thing on DeviantArt I thought I'd share here: On The Importance of Voicing in Runewriters. Some brief thoughts about Tareth's speaking and the role it plays in the story, if you're interested in such things!

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Comment by Ryan S

Auh auh auh, Merlin! No Disapearing!

Madam, I have not disappeared. I am very tiny.


posted at 12:46am on August 7th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

Oh my goodness YES PERFECT.


posted at 1:08am on August 7th, 2012

Reply by Rachel's Mom

Perfect indeed! I haven't thought of that movie in ages. Love it.


posted at 8:20am on August 7th, 2012

Comment by LeeshaJoy

Why do I picture the runes he yells sounding like a keyboardsmash?

"Asfjkldjafld!" *poof*


posted at 11:34am on August 7th, 2012

Comment by Rachel

I think my favorite thing about this page is still the aberrant's face in the last panel. "Wtf is this there was supposed to be a morsel here. Mortal. Whichever."


posted at 9:52pm on August 7th, 2012

Comment by Squirrel

Jonan doesn't look too happy with this plan.


posted at 12:27pm on August 9th, 2012

Comment by Tama-chan

In which squirrel Sev makes another adorable appearance, because drawing a daring just cute. :3


posted at 11:26pm on August 9th, 2012

Comment by Tama-chan

It annoys me to comment twice on one page, but...can Sev move his tail? I knnow he has control over his feet, and CAN move the tentacles (not very well though) But the tail is kinda out there.


posted at 11:33pm on August 9th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

He can! It moves like a normal tail, it just....looks.... weird.

and probably only moves magically since ummmmmmm that thing does not have any tendons or anything

But actually, the bone creature on this page is the thing he was trying to turn into way back on Page 10 when this whole mess began, so you may see sort of where the tail is derived from. c:


posted at 1:26am on August 10th, 2012

Comment by TrollkaRuby

The abberant just suits in Jonan's graveyard. :) Looks like it's happy in its natural setting.

By the way, maybe you could add Jonan in Cast...?


posted at 11:39am on August 13th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

Characters get added to the Cast page when (a) they are major characters who will last for more than one chapter, (b) it is obvious they are going to be major characters and (c) I have enough art of them to make the three little image slices. Also (d) I have all their little extra info solidified, like knowing for sure what height they are, but that's sorta secondary.

At least one of these things isn't true for Jonan, so he is not listed on the Cast page! Trust me, there's no need to bug me on these; I am always excited to add a character to that page as soon as I get the chance. :")


posted at 5:04pm on August 13th, 2012

Comment by Tama-chan

Hmmmmmmm A shape-changing-magic Runewriter tried to change into a death-life-magic aberrant. Two different kinds of Runewriting conflicted, didn't they? :3


posted at 2:58pm on November 29th, 2012

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