June 26th, 2018

EDIT: aaaaaa SORRY GANG I'm gonna have to skip a week this time!! Thank you all so much for your patience these past couple months -- July is hopefully gonna be a lot less busy so Lord willing and barring any disasters, IM HOPIN' IT'LL BE CLEARER FROM HERE ON OUT!! ;u;


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Comment by eoforyth

Good job with that quick casting, Sev!

I'm intrigued by the markings on the Muulorn. The locals glow that bright blue, but is it any more than inate magic and/or identifiers? I love that Jonan's markings, though weak, still give him that scowling eyebrow look, although there isn't any getting away from that impressive nasal development, is there?!

His hair is still tipped with red, so I'm assuming Muulorn (from other areas, maybe) can have different coloured pelts, or else they are assuming it is due to his 'illness', as there is only one runecaster amongst them.

Lovely shading, as usual :) Looking forward to seeing if they get out alright, or finding out why the Muulorn are holding so many runewriters!


posted at 10:33am on June 27th, 2018

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