June 13th, 2017

take notes xira, a REAL pro can get kicked out of town without using ANY magic powers!!

Like Jonan, I was pushing this update a lil close, so no new vote incentive for now. @u@ (I'll see if I can get a proper one up a bit later!)

Vote Incentive for This Comic.

Comment by eoforyth

You've got to give it to Jonan, he certainly knows how to put on a show! Yes, a real master at work. He knows he is skating close to the edge here, though. I'm wondering how the others are going to react to his defence of Xira once they are clear of town (what with Necropony and all, he must be rapidly losing his scary reputation with them).

Has Jonan picked up enough of the sign language he has been secretly jotting down to communicate yet?


posted at 12:43am on June 13th, 2017

Reply by Shazzbaa

re: handsign, he's only had last night to look it over, so I guess that depends on how quickly he picks things up, but I know I'd still be pretty shaky trying to spell anything. xD


posted at 11:50pm on June 13th, 2017

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