January 3rd, 2017

come on Jonan, Æmber's on board!

As always, don't forget to vote for an extra doodle! this one is about why Sev's question could've been more...thoughtful...

Also!! The next page that goes up still needs to be coloured... if anyone would like to hang out while I colour it, I was thinking I might jump on Picarto this Thursday evening and stream it? Probably around 8pm EST, but I'll definitely update on twitter and tumblr to keep you guys posted!

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Comment by Chrysalis

"His versions of the signs come from magic..." I can think of a few different ways to interpret this, all of them intriguing.

Does this mean that runewriting can be done with gestures instead of two-dimensional written symbols? A hand sign is a symbol too, after all, and there's already a spoken-word component to runewriting. (It would be interesting to know how a deaf runewriter would handle that, especially one who hadn't learned how to speak the way Tareth has. Come to think of it, how would a blind runewriter work? Would they have to use some soft material, like wax or wood, that they could carve the runes into instead of using ink? Could they shape runes out of wire or clay?)

Or does Tareth mean that the founder of the school somehow used magic to obtain or develop the handsign language? If so, does that mean that the Runewriters world can somehow pick up things from our world? (I've been assuming that the handsigns, like the spoken words, are translated into languages from our world for reader convenience, but what if...?)

Alternately, there could just be some other method of magic that uses gestures - ritual magic seems to possibly involve them, though we don't yet know much about the nuts and bolts of how rituals are performed - and that's all Tareth means. Wild conjecture is still fun, though.


posted at 12:52am on January 3rd, 2017

Reply by Random Passerby

Also "his versions"? Do you think this world might, like our world, have more than one version of Handsign?


posted at 3:25pm on January 3rd, 2017

Reply by Shazzbaa

there would definitely be other versions of signs either way -- not everyone who needs sign language is gonna be able to learn the Standardised Version(s). There likely would've been localised sign language systems before Handsign, and given how splintered Var├Žnske's city-states tends to be, those local versions are probably still used in many places!

(also: I love and welcome wild conjecture!!! :D )


posted at 7:25pm on January 3rd, 2017

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