September 20th, 2016


Oh man you guys, thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me at SPX!! I had a great time, and I'm still reeling over all the people who recognised RW and were excited to find out we're updating again @u@ I'm so glad!!

And if you're just joining us, WELCOME!!!!! :D You can find RW on all the social medias in the links right up there, and come back for new updates every TUESDAY!! (I promise I will update the website to say Tuesday very soon xD )

Comment by Kiri



posted at 12:30am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Shazzbaa



posted at 2:43pm on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Obligatonym

Damnit, Sev. I could accept the Hunters knowing more about aberrants than you, or a town guard knowing more about runewriters than you; but when a random innkeeper knows more about magical nonsense than you... it really hurts your credibility.


posted at 3:13am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Glew

Haha. Wow, when you put it like that :D


posted at 3:54am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Shazzbaa

severian is an expert at turning into a dragon and Nothing Else


posted at 2:44pm on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Jade

It makes sense. I mean, piecing together what I can of his backstory, he hasn't been given much of an opportunity to learn anything outside of either his home country (can't remember the name) or his current home in the village.

Which brings the question: what is the education system like? I've asked about religion, politics, etc. But are there colleges? Elementary schools? A place where Runewriters learn about Runewriting history?


posted at 8:49pm on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Ikwig

I second all of these questions!


posted at 10:01pm on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Heather

Oh my goodness, the faces in this are amazing- Sev in the third panel... and the fourth... and everyone in the final panel. Just too good.


posted at 3:46am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Shazzbaa

omg thank you, SEV IS SO DISPLEASED tareth is not sure what's going on


posted at 2:55pm on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Anna

WHAT! This whole time I thought that the innkeeper was an awesome, sexy, big-sized badass lady with an eyepatch, and on this page it suddenly looks like he's a guy? She totally looked like a woman on the previous page, and now she has sideburns and more round, less sharp and badass face in the last box she appears in.

So it really isn't a cool woman? *tears*


posted at 5:50am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Anonymous Person

Wait, that's not a woman?


posted at 9:54am on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Anna

Yeah, I totally missed out on the sideburns in the second panel with the innkeeper on the previous page. :D She totally looks like a badass warrior innkeeper on the last panel on the left (on the previous page), though. Since we get rarely characters like that (in general in the media, not in your comic - we've already seen that cool city guard), it was so awesome to think for a moment you put in a character like that.


posted at 6:01am on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Shazzbaa

No worries, a lot of people missed that! He's half-trader (like Xira, the other person that lots of people mistook for a lady), so that's probably contributing. x3

I try to put lots of kinds of people in RW! ;u; Whenever there's a new minor character I like to see it as a chance to try something new. There will be plenty of time for ladies who are much more badass than the inkeep, haha!


posted at 2:53pm on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Anna

I've actually always thought Xira was a guy. :D

Oh cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the traders' hair! Is the innkeeper's hair more from his traders' or other heritage?


posted at 6:13pm on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Meggyc

It's okay. I'm sure these facestealers are like lightning and never strike the same place twice. So everyone is sure to be fine! Because everything is sure to go well for our protagonists. Right? Right? (I'm scared.)

Also, I like the design of the innkeeper.


posted at 2:45pm on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Shazzbaa

I mean, the innkeep seems confident...ish? it's probably fine. I'm sure it's fine.

(ahhh thank you! *u* )


posted at 2:56pm on September 20th, 2016

Reply by Heather

I mean, it's not like anything bad ever happens to protagonists, right?


posted at 10:49pm on September 22nd, 2016

Comment by Ikwig

HA! Xira and I are the same kind of non-confrontational - "we've already paid," "eh, the food is here - let's just eat it and be on our way," "no need to cause trouble or draw attention to ourselves just because things aren't exactly as hoped for." I . . . might be willing to just forget about the money, though, in order to NOT be at inn with a possible facestealer lurking nearby . . .


posted at 10:00pm on September 20th, 2016

Comment by Toanovu

Add me to the "wait the innkeeper isn't a lady?" bandwagon. Even with the sideburns, they still look like a lady to me... ah well.


posted at 7:04am on September 23rd, 2016

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